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About Thulio T. DaSilva

Thulio is a screenwriter, poet, and essayist born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, living in Los Angeles, CA. As a child, he immigrated to the US, settling in Newtown, CT. After experiencing the impact of gun violence following the Sandy Hook Massacre, Thulio channeled his passion into storytelling to raise awareness and drive meaningful change.


Beyond advocating for gun reform, Thulio champions LGBTIQ+ rights and promotes comprehensive immigration reform, drawing from his experiences as a queer immigrant. Through writing, Thulio aims to shed light on these pressing social issues and provide a platform for dialogue and change. He deftly captures the nuances of modern life, offering poignant insights and thought-provoking perspectives.


His comedy pilots strike the perfect balance between campy humor and authentic storytelling, resulting in a blend of wit and substance. Thulio’s words resonate with readers, evoking empathy, understanding, and a call to action.

Read his poetic essays on Thought Catalog. Request writing samples on the contact form below.



Los Angeles


Comedy half-hour | 35 pages

A pair of eccentric best friends hatch an unlikely plan to prevent one of them from deportation following the end of DACA.

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irreverant, young adult, LGBTIQ+, latinx

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